Amber Kim

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Doer | Lifelong Learner



JavaScript | Node.js | Express | MongoDB | Mongoose | Heroku | Travis CI | AWS SDK | Multer | Basic Auth | Bearer Auth | RESTful API

An avalanche forecast app

JavaScript | Page.js | Handlebars | Express | Super Agent | Heroku | PostgreSQL | Cheerio


A quote / invoice generating app

Vanilla JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Flexbox



In Progress: FCC Redmond

JavaScript | Express | MongoDB| Heroku | JQuery | Project Management


Amber Kim

About Me

I am a hybrid Full Stack JavaScript Developer and WordPress Designer and I love helping those who are passionate about their business and improving other people’s lives.

I’ve built a lot of sites for clients from basic refresh and redesigns to beastly marketplace and directory sites but my favorite projects were always those of people who are striving to make a difference.